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Blogging will continue to be light here until early November.  Until then, I recommend checking out Health Beat Blog. I don’t endorse their prescriptions for US healthcare reform. But I’ve found many of the posts to be informative and well-reasoned. They are worth reading if you agree, because they’ll shore up your knowledge base. And they are worth reading if you disagree, because you’ll see what you are up against. And you just might change your mind in the process.

A few recent posts I found especially interesting.

We Can’t Fund SCHIP, but we can save Merck … contrasts our willingness to buy into the Gardasil vaccine, while not coincidentally saving Merck, and (so far) choosing not to fully fund general coverage for the poor via SCHIP.

Universal Coverage – Why Massachusetts is the Last Place to Begin the Experiment This post cuts to the heart of healthcare costs and disparities. It also brings illuminating evidence regarding cultural and behavioral differences in healthcare consumption, worldwide. And it is tied all back to the universal coverage experiment going on in the state that hosts the Red Sox.

The Dangers of a “Zagat Guide” to Physicians. How do future patients ascertain the “quality” of their doctor? Choose which doctor to go to? This post addressed a specific effort by WellPoint to help provide information on these questions. Niko Karvounis nicely articulates an alternative viewpoint.  Food for thought.

Now that I’ve steered my 2.6 readers to those interesting tidbits, I’ll get back to work.


Written by Victor

October 25, 2007 at 2:04 pm

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