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2008 Health Spring Meeting

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Next month I will blog on the upcoming Society of Actuaries’ 2008 Health Spring Meeting .  The actuarial role in healthcare financing is often overlooked.  I’ll have commentary on the some of the health policy issues addressed in this conference.  Len Nichols from the New America Foundation and Lawrence Gostin from Georgetown University will be two of the keynote speakers, talking about domestic and global healthcare reform efforts, respectively.

For those of an actuarial mindset, I’ll also be attending two of the valuation sessions, but will likely eschew blogging on them.  For work-related reasons, I’ll also be at the Pandemic Flu session and the Disease Management Outcome measurement session.

It will be a post-event blogging exercise since I’ll be at the conference with my family.  The Beautiful and Talented Wife (BTW) and I will be road-tripping it from Little Rock to Los Angeles, hitting various Route 66 venues along the way.  The Hyper and Hilarious Son (HHS) is our main concern, so we will be taking it slowly both “there and back again”.


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May 20, 2008 at 3:35 pm

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