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Has it come to this?

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From this morning’s USA Today a few choice quotes:

Some people feel helpless, as if no matter what they do — how hard they work, how many times they write their Congress membersthey can’t control their fate (emphasis added).

but then you read this …

Cox says most students lack sympathy for blue-collar autoworkers, an attitude he summarizes as, “You can’t expect to make $65,000 for a job you can learn in a month.”

and you think that maybe it’s not so bad.  But the conclusion is scary:

He [12-year old son Michael] shakes his head [indicating that he won’t become an autoworker himself].  “I’m going to run for political office,” he says, decisively.  “There’s always going to be a government.”

What it will govern is apparently yet to be determined.


Written by Victor

December 11, 2008 at 1:26 pm

Posted in Economics

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