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2010 Healthcare reform is dead

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Mixed emotions here on the blog.  I’m glad a terrible bill was defeated (the only thing left is to see the Pelosi/Reid/Emmanuel death throes).  I’m also frustrated beyond measure at the lost opportunity for real, meaningful, and needed reform.

What next?  My reform proposals amazingly still would have applied after reform; they most certainly apply now.  In a few weeks when the reality of the healthcare bill demise sinks in, I’ll start blogging again.  My work and young boys have required my full attention recently, and that will continue.

There is still the opportunity to build a bipartisan HIPAA-extension in the next few months.  But I don’t think Democrats will give up the dream in time to pass that sort of reform this year.

Healthcare reform modeling is still going to be part of my job responsibilities.  The issues that led to this craziness still exist (rising healthcare costs, decreasing ability to pay).  As always, I won’t share confidential results or opinions.  But one thing this debate debacle has convinced me is that opinions of people like me are vital to the debate.  Next time, I’ll do better with my civic duty to be ready.  And I don’t think it will take 15 years.

What a terrible tragedy.


Written by Victor

January 20, 2010 at 4:11 am

Posted in Healthcare Reform

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